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-  A Greener Planet -

Being green starts with smallest issues, and most often sensibility is best. 

A Common Sense Approach

From the purchase of our lumber to the packing of our finished lamps and clocks, every effort is made to purchase from local suppliers to minimize both the use of fuel and the costs incurred in transportation.

Raw Materials

Our domestic lumber (cherry, oak, maple and pine) all come from the Northeast, Vermont to Virginia, and are renewable resources. We use  FSC certified hardwood suppliers or suppliers who have completed SmartWood's COC audit procedure authorizing them to sell certified wood products in the Pure, Mixed, and Controlled categories.  Some of our suppliers burn their waste sawdust to generate power to run the dry kilns and excess power is put back into the grid.  Our imported teak (Iroko) is from Ghana and The Ivory Cost, where governments are more stable and care is taken in deforestation. 


Parts Supply Chain

Metal components such as stampings and spinnings are from the U.S., New York, New Jersey and Florida. Lampshades are from suppliers in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Packing & Shipping

We purchase damaged rolls of paper from local printers, that otherwise would go to recycling, to use for packing.  All of our packing is currently being redesigned to increase the density of shipment going out, often packing 2 lamps per box.  This reduces packing materials and space on trucks, which translates to less fuel consumption and shipping costs.

Consumer Awareness

The use of compact Fluorescent bulbs will reduce energy and will save about $41.00 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.



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